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Since Lisa…
Written and Directed by Shari Carpenter
(1994) 29 mins

Can a man's female best friend and his new girlfriend be friends? Tomboyish Robi Hairston is used to being the center of Diz Sherrod's life. Imagine her chagrin when she's forced to play second fiddle to Diz's new and glamorous girlfriend, Lisa Wilder. Well intentioned but naive, Diz attempts to appease both women, with little success. When Lisa, an image consultant, offers Robi a gift of a free make-over, the stage is set for a catfight. Will Diz and Robi's friendship be the casualty if Diz is forced to choose between his best friend and his girlfriend?

Aired on BET J'S The Best Shorts; Won 1st Prize at The Rochester International Film Festival, Won 2nd Prize at The Black American Cinema Society, Won 2nd Place at Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.